4 abr 2009

Facts about the movie

When you watch a movie, there's no warranty of satisfaction. you give your money, and if you don't like it, just a very few theaters allows you to get your money back.
That's why i watched before thanks to the internet.
A few points:

- Gokú tries to be cool, wants to flirt with girls, he tries to CHEAT, and disrespects his Grandfather Gohan. That's Goku in the movie.
- Piccollo speaks like 6 times, only a few weak words. His sidekick Mai has more screentime than him.
- Bulma looks like a hooker.
- Ki Blasts look like puffs of smoke.
- Characters just appear, things happen, but nothing is explained. Things just happen and everyone just do their parts without any reason at all.
- the kame hame ha is ridiculous.
- there are 3 nice jokes in the movie.
- Shen long doesn't speak, it's like 6 mts long (i think that's like 30-40 ft. long?), and looks like a chameleon.

YOU'RE GONNA REGRET IT! and worse, you'll be financing a possible sequel.

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Watch Dragonball dijo...


Anime is Much Better.
Long Live Dragonball KAI
No More Rubbish Real Life Movie

20 Facepalm
Goku Facepalm
Cell Facepalm
Buu Facepalm
Shenron Facepalm


Shinji Ikari dijo...

Sadly, stupid people want to pay for it even though they know it sucks.


If you are OK with adaptations like this, or like the Mario Bros and Street Fighter movies; just go to the theater and watch Dragon Ball.
Some of us think that, with today's technology, Movies adapted from Videogames, Cartoons or Comics can be a LOT more faithful to the source material and A LOT MORE creative than what we have seen. And because of that, some of use are gonna TRY, at least, to boicot this movie. Maybe we're gonna be 10 people. Maybe 100, let alone 1000. But if somehow we can get over nine thousand people to NOT BUY ANYTHING related to THIS MOVIE, we can, we could, start something.
Si te gusta este tipo de adaptaciones, o como la película de Mario Bros o de Street Fighter; entonces bien, anda al cine tranquilo a ver Dragon Ball.
Algunos creemos que, con la tecnología actual, las películas adaptadas de Videojuegos, Dibujos animados o Cómics, pueden ser MUCHO MÁS fieles al original, y MUCHO MÁS creativas que lo que hemos visto hasta ahora. Y por eso, algunos vamos a TRATAR aunque sea, de boicotear esta película. Quizás seremos 10 pelagatos. Quizás 100, ojalá 1000. Pero si de alguna forma logramos que más de nuevemil personas NO COMPREN NADA relacionado con ESTA PELÍCULA, podríamos, quizás, comenzar algo.